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Single Disk Check Valve


  • These are best used at down stream of pump.
  • Used in Heating Installation, Steam Condensate Lines, Compressed Air Discharge Lines.
  • Used as, OEM by Boiler Manufacturers, Nitrogen and Gas Generating Equipment manufacturers, HVAC and other such equipment manufacturers use these valves extensively

Design Features

  • Design to EN 558-1
  • Wafer Check Valves are short travel Single Disc type.
  • Wafer Checks with fast acting spring prevents water hammer and flow reversal in the equipment.
  • Wafer Check Valves, with soft seat like Viton, EPDM, Buna N are available on request while Metal to Metal seat is a standard feature.
  • Single Disc, Wafer Check Valves open at very minimum differential pressure general expressed in mm WC, please refer catalogue for precise value.
  • Ground and Lapped Disc and body seat of Wafer Check Valves offers tight shut off as per DIN 3230.
  • Wafer Check Valves are designed using Bernoulli’s theorem and pressure drop is designed to be minimum. Please refer catalogue for details of Pressure Drop.

Product Range

  • Size Range: DN15 to DN100
  • Rating : PN10, PN16, PN40
  • Material : Generally, ASTM Gr. WCB, Gr. CF8, Gr. CF8M but not limited. Other exotic material like, CF3M, Monel, Hastealloy, Duplex etc. on request.

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